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For New and Retrofit Homes

Building a High Performance Energy Efficient home is within reach of regular people. But there’s a lot to consider if you want to minimize your costs and maximize your investment. We help with that.

Building or retrofitting a home to a Zero Energy Ready standard is one of the best investments you can make.

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A Zero Energy Ready Home is...

• 80% more efficient than a regular new home
• Better comfort & ventilation, very quiet, easy to maintain
• By far the lowest possible operating costs
• Ready to add solar panels to generate as much energy as consumed

 What are your expectations?

How do you achieve the performance, features, style, and comfort you want for the lowest cost?

What combination of efficiency measures, coupled with design, structural, comfort, and engineering requirements, will ensure you aren’t over or under spending?


Personal Services

We advise people on how to invest sensibly in new or retrofit energy efficient and Zero Energy Ready homes

We work with home owners, builders, trades, registered professionals, to ensure homes include just the right energy efficiency measures to optimally meet certification levels for Step Code, Energy Star, R-2000, or Net Zero Energy


Business Services

We advise developerscompanies, organizations, and governments in designing energy efficiency projects, products, incentives, policies, and programs

We perform: market research,  scenario analysis, break-even analysis, carbon savings analysis, Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value analysis, undertake energy audits and energy models, competitive analysis

Business development, Sales and Marketing acceleration


Project support and management: We don’t just give advice, we’ll take responsibility to help deliver your energy efficiency project and product in the shortest reasonable time, at the right budget



Affordable Zero Energy Homes (2018)

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